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Hairy Tales: Man Stink

I smell him before I see him. That wonderful manly scent that comes from a clean guy who doesn’t wear any deodorant to cover up his natural odors. I stop for a moment in the hallway and deeply inhale the musk and sweat. My crotch twitches.

“Stop sniffing and get in here,” he says half-joking, half-commanding from the bedroom. I walk in and see him sitting on the bed in a white t-shirt and briefs with his chest hair showing in the deep V and his robust tummy sticking out the bottom of the shirt. He grins through a dark beard and his blue eyes flash when they see me. “C’mere piggy boy. I’ll give you something to smell.”

I walk over and he stands up to give me a kiss, putting his strong hands on my shoulders and holding me in place. “Hey sexy,” he says pulling away from my mouth and gentle stroking my bearded cheek. Seeing the hunger in my eyes, he takes off his shirt and raises an arm. “Go ahead, smell daddy.” I lean in and sniff his pit feeling the hairs on my face. I start to pull away, but he grabs the back of my head with his other hand and holds me in place. “A little more, smell daddy’s pits…get your face right in there.” He pushes my face firmly into his armpit and holds me there while I lick and whimper with pleasure. “Good boy. Do what daddy says and he’ll reward you well.”

After another moment he lets go and pulls me down onto the bed with his mouth opening to embrace mine. Our tongues slide around each other and his pit stink wipes from my beard to his. All I want is to bury myself in all his crevices and taste every hairy piece of his ample body. “What do you want to do?” he asks. I shyly smile in response and glance at his bulging crotch.

“Oh yeah?” he says with a dirty grin, “You want to suck on daddy’s cock?” He aggressively grabs his bulging underwear and my mouth begins to salivate. The dark hair of his bush sticks out from the waistband and slowly he pulls the briefs down to reveal a thick cock dripping with eagerness. I move in and put my nose in his pubes, licking around the sides of his cock while breathing him in. His dick starts to grow and he pushes it against my cheek saying, “Come on, boy, suck daddy’s cock.”

I slurp up his meat and slide him deep into my throat feeling him growing even thicker. He lets me work on him alone at first and then takes my head firmly in his hands and moves my mouth up and down his shaft at a pace that makes him moan with pleasure. After a few minutes he stops and says, “Nice boy. Now I want you naked.” I release his cock from my mouth and stand to strip. He rises up off the bed with me and throws his briefs aside, pulling me close to him and wrapping me in both strong arms and his strong smell.

My hands move down his back and to his big, furry ass. I run my hands over and around the hairy cheeks and he asks, “You want some of daddy’s ass, huh? You want to see what daddy smells like there?”

“Yes please,” I moan and feel a drop of precum oozing out against his leg.

He sits me back down on the bed turns his back to me with one more grin. I lick my lips in anticipation as he slowly backs up and bends over to give me a view of his hairy crack and big hanging balls. I move in and gently caress his hole with my tongue and hear him sigh with pleasure. He then pushes his hot hole firmer against my face and I’m overwhelmed with the heat, the sensation, and the smell. I open my mouth and lick and kiss him, moving my soft beard up and down along his crack and lingering on his hole. My tongue pushes against the pulsing entrance and spit begins to drip on my own hard cock.

“Fuck boy, you make daddy feel so good. Don’t stop,” he says pushes even more against me and forcing me to lean back so that he’s sitting on my face.

As I’m smothered between his cheeks, I feel the rocking motion of him rubbing his dick and hear him giving off satisfied moans. I reach and grab my cock and start jacking myself and he starts bouncing his ass on me saying, “Yeah, eat daddy’s ass, boy… get in there… you little pig boy. Eat that ass!”

I give out muffled moans and then he releases me giving me the chance to take a deep breath. I’m close and keep smelling and licking his ass and balls—covering myself in his stink. His grunting becomes more desperate and with a final push of his ass into my face, he comes and gushes cum on my chest and stomach.

Still holding me down in his crack, he then rubs his cum all over my torso and onto my cock. A big meaty hands takes over my stroking and as I drink in the filthy honor of being covered in his stink, I explode with pleasure and add to the cummy mess of my torso.

Finally he lifts up his beefy ass and shifts to face me. He nuzzles my neck and puts his full weight on top of me, smearing our cum into both our hairy bodies. In a moment he’s softly snoring and I begin to doze with the smell of him swirling in my nose.  ♠


Aiden Ro

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Aiden is a writer and explorer of the urban gay world with a career in online communications and digital media production. An escapee from the South with years of international living and travel under his belt, Aiden has found a home in the vibrant City and chronicles his adventures in his blog. He considers himself to be more wolf pup than bear, but enjoys all manner of brotherhood that comes with the ursine men-beasts.


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